Oreo Cupcakes | Sweet Sunday

Oreo Cupcake

Cupcakes rock, but a cupcake with Oreos is even better!  These Oreo cookie cupcakes from Naked Cupcakes look amazing.  You can find the complete recipe here. Photo courtesy of Naked Cupcakes

Mini Strawberry Pies | Sweet Sunday

Mini Strawberry Pies

This Summer, I started to go the local farms more for fruits and veggies.  The strawberries have been amazing this Summer.  I found this tasty recipe for mini strawberry pies from Cooking with my Kid and you can find the complete recipe here. Photo courtesy of Cooking with my Kid

S’mores Cookies | Sweet Sunday

Smore's Cookies

Nothing says Summer quite like S’mores!  Today I stumbled upon these yummy S’mores Cookies complete with marshmallows on top!  These cookies were created by Cooking Classy and you can find the complete recipe here. Photo courtesy of Cooking Classy

Watermelon Pudding Cups | Sweet Sunday

Watermelon Pudding Cups

It’s finally starting to feel like Summer here in New England. So far, May and June have been a mix of cold temperatures and a record rainfall. The sun is finally out and it’s hot! Today I am drooling over these watermelon pudding cups from Sugar Swings. They are actually made from a mix of [Read On]

Chocolate Pudding Plants | Sweet Sunday


This week I am just swooning over these chocolate pudding “plants” created by Martha Stewart.  How adorable would these be for a garden-themed party?  You can find the recipe on the Martha Stewart site here.  The little flowerpots are just candle votive holders that should be easy to find at dollar stores. Photo courtesy of  Martha Stewart

Cannoli Cupcakes Recipe | Sweet Sunday

Cannoli Cupcake - Cooking Classy

Yumm!  Each week, I will be featuring a new treat to excite your sweet tooth.  This week, I discovered these amazing Cannoli Cupcakes from Cooking Classy.  They are even made with Mascarpone cheese just like true Cannolis.  You can recreate these using their original recipe here.

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