Guest List Organizer | Free DIY Printable

Printable Party Planner 1

While I was planning my last event, I found myself tracking names, addresses, and RSVPs everywhere and misplacing a few along the way. I needed something to keep me organized next time…and being pretty to look at doesn’t hurt either. Enjoy using this freebie guest list organizer for your next event.   The printable file [Read On]

Valentine’s Day Flower Cards | Free DIY Printable

Valentine Printable 2

This year my daughter is in preschool, so I was inspired to create a cute Valentine’s card and offer it to my fans as freebie printable.  To add a twist, this card has a secret present – the flower stem is actually a pencil that can be removed.  These are easy to make and a [Read On]

DIY | Kid’s Cruise Map

DIY Cruise Map

I wanted to create something for my toddler to track where we were on our recent cruise.  I made this map for her using a copy of the itinerary  map from the cruise website.  Then, I added a small cruise ship image attached to sticky Velcro.  Each day she moved the ship to the next port [Read On]

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